Australia is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, providing enormous opportunities for diverse, secure, higher-return investment.

Discover why Australia offers the best investment opportunities

Australia’s rich natural resources and steady economic growth make it an ideal location for investors. A democratic government, sophisticated financial services sector and business-friendly regulatory environment all add to the country’s investment appeal. Geographically, Australia is also well placed to capitalise on the emerging Asian markets.

World's Top 10 Most Liveable Cities

3 cities appears in The Global Liveability Report 2017

High Capital Growth

Property prices in Sydney and Melbourne recorded more than 70% growth over the last 5 years, with stable rental yield

Enviable Lifestyle

A moderate climate combined with world-class beaches and sporting facilities make for a great standard of living

Low Inflation

Low interest rates, a robust stock market and stable currency are an investor’s dream

Globally Recognised

Australia boasts one of the world’s strongest banking systems, with no restrictions on capital flows

Top-Class Education and Medical Facilities

The country prides itself on its excellent tertiary education and impressive healthcare systems and facilities

Steady Population Growth

Immigration is driving an increase in population which in turn powers job growth, leading to high demand for properties

Easy to Invest

Foreign investors in real estate enjoy open and transparent sales processes


Australia’s multicultural policy embraces shared values and cultural traditions. It also allows those who choose to call Australia home the right to practise and share their cultural traditions and languages within the law, and free from discrimination



The SUMO Group is an international investment firm with its head quarters in Sydney, Australia.

The first company of the group, a financial planning business, was founded in 1992. Since then, the SUMO Group has established a number of other diverse entities, that fall within one of five pillars: Health, Wealth, Leisure, Life and Education. Our tailored philosophy ensures clients are not just serviced financially, but in all areas of life.

Strong Global Management Team

A diverse group of professionals led by an experienced global management team, with interests in Investment, Health, Education, Migration and Leisure

Experts in Australian Investments

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with over 25 years of financial advisory experience

Wide Product Portfolio

From Real Estate and Managed Funds to Venture Capital Funds and Significant Investor Visa Funds

Complementary Offerings

In-house advice and services for Migration, Tax, Accounting, Legal and Financial Planning

Global Presence

More than 10 offices across 3 continents

Partnered with the Best

Exclusive tie-ups with international brands such as Colliers International, Frasers Group and the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce

Some of our Products and Services


Real Estate

From off-the-plan apartments to house-and-land packages, we use our property developer networks to secure the best investment property options for each client.


Managed Funds

We manage and operate two Significant Investor Visa Funds and a Venture Capital Fund. We will also shortly be launching the SUMO-Sapien Global Fintech and Innovation VC Fund, the SUMO-Goldmate Mortgage Debt Fund and SUMO-Goldmate Property Development Fund



Want to live down under permanently? You should. Australia isn’t called the ‘lucky country’ for no reason.

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