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Welcome to Sumo Wealth Australia 

We design optimal wealth strategies that inspire our clients to reach financial freedom, while continuing the enjoyment of an effective life balance and overcoming the disturbance of money in the search for life’s true meaning.

Sumo International is a global wealth management company specialising in asset management and asset accumulation strategies diversified globally - Target group is high income or high net worth clients seeking prudent advice.

Our global wealth management focuses on long term sustainable growth economies such as India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore etc. and on how to identify specific assets to participate in that growth.

Sumo International is committed to maintain and expand a client base, as well as implementing wealth creation strategies for high net worth individual's globally. This involves acquisition of assets (direct property, shares and managed funds), tax planning, and structuring finance, implementation of risk management and superannuation advice.

Additional responsibilities include:

- Corporate Expansion
- Marketing & Liaison with Product Suppliers
- Implementing Systems for Financial Planners
- Presenting Seminars on Wealth Creation and Retirement