Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management

SUMO takes a holistic approach in understanding your overall assets, investment preference and risk profile. Fixed assets (direct property) and liquid assets (equities, bonds, term deposits and cash) are both important. These are taken into account and balanced towards your risk profile. We actively advise to de-risk your portfolio or take opportunistic tactical positions, while keeping in line with your fundamental investment preference and carefully monitoring the market. 

Asset Allocation

Before any investment advice is provided, we will invest time into your risk profile and together establish a benchmark/strategic assets allocation. It is a foundation which our client and we will discuss, explain, understand and agree upon. Once agreed upon we will advise and guide our client’s asset mix toward their desired benchmark while daily monitoring market prices, maximising tax efficiencies and our client’s investment time-frame or stage of life. 

Direct Equities – IPOs & Corporate Actions

On a daily basis we monitor the events from our global counterparties (US, UK, Japan, China & economies of the EU). SUMO consider the impact these economies will have on our local economy, shares and individual client portfolios. We also take into account any corporations, capital raising, share purchase plans, rights issues or IPOs that are on offer for our individual client holdings. Our Advisers will then individually contact each client depending on their circumstances, stage of life and equity holdings to provide active advice to maximise their equity holdings with minimum risk.

Corporate Bonds

We research, review and consider each Corporate Bond presented to our firm. Following this We assist our clients’ to understand their investment, maximise their overall return with calculated minimal risk. 

There are a variety of corporate bonds traded on ASX. Corporate bonds can vary quite markedly and therefore it is important that you read the prospectus or term sheet for an individual bond to understand its terms. We assess the creditworthiness of the issuer of the bond as that too can vary markedly between issuers. 

As a general rule, safer bonds with a better credit standing promise lower yields to maturity than other corporate bonds with similar maturities. ‘Junk bonds’, also known as ‘high yield bonds’, are speculative-grade bonds which typically will have a low credit standing and therefore promise higher yields to maturity than other corporate bonds with similar maturities. The important rule to remember is the higher the bond issuer’s perceived credit risk, the higher the bond’s yield needs to be to compensate you for that risk. 

Cash Management & Managed Funds

Capital protection and preservation of wealth is important to many Australians especially following the Global Financial Crisis. Accordingly SUMO assist our clients by ensuring their portfolios and assets have sufficient liquidity and flexibility to navigate through market volatility. 

Through careful monitoring of client payment and income needs, we provide superior control and confidence to clients’ cashflow while they enjoy attractive cash returns. 

We regularly review, attend meetings and updates with various professional fund managers to ensure clients’ monies are invested with the highest quality assets managers.