Sumo International

Sumo International planners help clients achieve financial freedom.

Sumo International:

Once people’s basic health and wellness needs are met, Sumo’s approach is to ensure they become financially secure. Sumo International - a global provider of wealth creation and management strategies for high-net-worth individuals, small businesses and corporations, can help people achieve this security, as well as grow the wealth of those who are already financial stable. It embraces a number of strategies, including:

  • acquisition of assets such as direct property, shares and obtaining interests in managed funds;
  • tax planning;
  • finance structuring;
  • risk management; and
  • superannuation advice.

Sumo International planners help clients achieve financial freedom, but this is not the ultimate aim – its Director, Suren Pather, states: “financial independence is the ultimate opportunity for search of meaning in your life, and should not be the end result of wealth creation”.

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